Video of the month: Feng Suave – Toking, Dozing

“Toking, Dozing” by Feng Suave is our video of the month.

Feng Suave describe the story of the video like this: “The video is about us raising a baby in a world that we think is a lot of fun. But the baby is smarter than we are and sees the world more for what it really is. There’s a lot of poverty, war, climate change, forests burning down etc and the baby doesn’t necessarily like being raised in a world like this. But we are Just toking and dozing, dealing with our own personal stuff, which is a pretty happy situation all together, totally minding our own good ass lives and nothing else. The baby on the other hand is being raised by people who don’t understand the tragic thing life can really be, and is way ahead of us dumb, happy, small minded parents. It fits with the cynical lyrics of the tune, which speak about how people only deal with their own shit and at the end of the Day, when they lay in bed all they think about are their own problems. Its neither a critique nor a celebration of this. It doesn’t offer solutions, but Just acknowledges that that is what happens, and it makes sense. At the same time it is fucking up the natural world we live in and makes for a lot of problems that in theory human kind would be able to solve.”

“We really tried to have fun with this clip. The vision was to portray some of the lyrical themes of the track, relating to current socio-political issues like climate change and economic disparity in today’s culture. With this as the base, we wanted to marry together a super fun and jovial vibe that showcased the funny side of the band member’s personalities. It was a dream of theirs to work with a green screen and try something hilarious so we explored this through a matter of cut away visual sequences that really show the band’s need for having fun, ultimately it’s a funny storyline juxtaposed alongside the melancholy of their lyrics.”

Directed / DOP by Bob Sizoo