New release: Feng Suave say Maybe Another Time

Filter Records: Feng Suave now release, “Maybe Another Time” to follow the release of “Toking, Dozing.” Both singles are on their upcoming EP due end of March. “Toking, Dozing” has reached 50k streams on Spotify only 3 days since release- was premiered in UK’s Complex Magazine, and had a video premiere in Notion Magazine , leaving us excited for “Maybe Another Time” and the unfolding of this full campaign.

The psychedelic-pop duo are known for their contemporary lyrics and vocals, mixed with a tinge of soul against a backdrop of 60’s arrangements. “Maybe Another Time” is a retro-inspired tune that talks about perpetually being absent-minded and unable to be fully present in a given moment. It’s about life going by quickly, and wishing to be able to press pause at times. Smooth, velvety vocals hum a sort of disillusioned confession, contrasted by a doo-wop like beat. The video for “Maybe Another Time” premiered on Billboard US.

‘Maybe Another Time’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here: