New release: Senta wants 100.000 likes

Zucka: Autotune-rapper Senta is back with a new humorous track called ‘100.000 Likes’. This time he is criticizing the social media craze with lines such as

“I’d rather loose you in real life, than on Instagram” and “I’d rather have 100.000 likes, than a lady that likes me.”

Senta himself comments:

“Social media can influence you pretty strongly, without you noticing it. Often times the numbers on social media become way to important and people compare their social status. You build your self-confidence and self-worth based on follower numbers and interaction, thus ‘likes’ or comments.”

Next to this important message the rapper presents a catchy trap-pop tune that’ll surely get stuck in your ear!

‘100.00 Likes’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here: