New signing & new release: Raen Talion

Filter Records: We’re excited to present to you our newest signing Raen Talion and her first single ‘Ruins’.

The Vienna-based Singer-Songwriter Raen Talion is a total mystery. Not even we know who she is. But we know that her music speaks for itself. It tells that Raen Talion seems to be a sensitive young woman. Someone who loves to be alone and enjoys the silence – a still water running deep. Anyway, her debut single “Ruins” also reveals an irresistible coolness and strength. Meet Raen Talion via her unique voice and vibe!

This vibe was also quickly picked up by Flux Fm that featured Raen Talion immediately this week. You can find the full feature here:

You can stream and download the debut single ‘Ruins’ here: and as always, tell us what you think!



Press picture by Linda Li.