Artist of the month: Feng Suave

Feng Suave are an Alternative/Soul duo from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mixing warm psych-pop with RnB grooves, band members Daniël Schoemaker and Daniël de Jong create carefully crafted tunes and flavour them with cinematic production. Their 2017 bedroom-produced self-titled EP featured singles Sink Into The Floor and Honey, There’s No Time, followed up by the 2018 standalone track Venus FlytrapSonically, the duo emit a strong sense of soul. Influenced by 70s greats like Bill Withers and The Beatles, as well as current favourites Foxygen, Homeshake and Tame Impala – Feng Suave marry together sounds from different decades. With a growing online audience, the band have accumulated more than 70 million streams from fans from all regions of the planet, tastily engaging in the sonic output from the Dutch group – a sound that might be equally at home in the local music scenes of Brooklyn, Los Angeles or Sydney.

Earlier releases saw the band receive the stamp of approval from Iggy Pop on his BBC 6 music show, whilst touring in support of Khruanbing, playing festivals such as Best Kept Secret, North Sea Jazz and being nominated for the coveted Anchor Award as a top act on 2019’s Reeperbahn Festival

On Feb 21 2020, the band announced a brand new EP titled Warping Youth (out June 26th) alongside the release of a lead single titled Toking, Dozing. The new single hints at an EP lyrically-packed with a newfound melancholy and poeticism. The band have outgrown the bedroom and used this EP as an opportunity to step in to the studio for the first time to properly explore the next phase of their creative genesis, tracking their instruments live whilst still remaining heavily involved in the engineering and production of the release along with key creative partners.

On the new EP, the band said:

“We aimed at distancing ourselves from the contemporary ‘bedroom’ sound of our first releases and tried to stay true to the music we like, listen to and admire the most; more organic-sounding, classic songs. Thematically, the songs are about coming of age and the directionless wandering through adolescence that comes with it.” 

Amongst the announcement of a round of live shows (and the promise of more to come) in Mexico, Germany, The Netherlands, UK, Spain and Belgium – the band have set June 26th 2020 as the release date for the new EP.