New release: Jon Hyatt swoons over ‘Uh Love’

Zucka: It’s February 14th, in other words Valentine’s Day. Heavy rose scent, overpriced choclates, romantic gestures and eternal love vows? Not for Jon Hyatt and his fourth track ‘Uh Love’.

“A woman told me that it can’t go beyond friendship with us right now. And I thought to myself, ‘Oh, my God, this can’t be happening.’”- Jon Hyatt about ‘Uh Love’.

But if you’re expecting a plaintive ballad now, you are mistaken. ‘Uh Love’ is bursting with positive and catchy vibes. The current, released version isn’t the first version of the song though:

“Uh Love” is the oldest song I have released so far and it already existed before the idea of starting a solo project. It was born in a time when I was still playing in a rock band and the song just didn’t fit in. There were three versions, this is the newest one. The first one was written two years ago”

explains Jon. Well, we are certanly happy the song turned out the way it did in the end. So, if you actually don’t care about Valentine’s Day (or maybe a little bit, but no one may know ;-)), this song is for you! Happy Valentine’s Day.

‘Uh Love’ is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here:



About Jon Hyatt:

If Ed Sheeran, Mark Ronsonand Sigrid had a musical child, it would be called Jon Hyatt. His music would sound like a surf holiday in the middle of London’s rainy streets. How good it is that said Jon Hyatt actually exists. The newcomer from Berlin is just about to start playing his charmingly exuberant and British-influenced pop into the world. With a contagious ease the young musician almost forces his audience to be carefree. He writes his songs mostly completely on his own and plays all instruments during the recordings. His songs inspire, motivate and bring more than the necessary amount of endorphins.

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