New release: MADANII & LLUCID release Debut EP

Filter Records: After teasing their audience with singles and shows since September, MADANII & LLUCID finally release their anticipated EP “IILLEGAL ALLIIEN” along with the single “Wvterwine”.

Known for their striking visuals and modern production mixed with classic 90’s RnB elements “IILLEGAL ALLIIEN” tackles deeper topics for the newcomer future-pop duo, centering on ‘otherness’ versus inclusivity. Blending traditional Iranian instruments like ney, santur and Kamanche with futuristic synth hooks, MADANII displays her Middle Eastern background in a mix of modern Pop elements collaborated on with LLUCID.

MADANII herself describes the accompanying single as following:

“Wvterwine talks about people’s tendency to just accept or wish for quick and easy answers – ending up not really thinking for themselves anymore.”

While the subject is somewhat critical, the video presents the topic with easy-to-consume beautiful imagery that entices while challenging its viewer. We see different forms of power dynamics within oneself and in society displayed, culminating in a magnificent almost all female last supper scene that calls to challenge our go-to believe systems and (gender) roles.

The music video was premiered by Complex and can be watched here:

As a whole, the EP is an honest reflection of one’s place ranging from personal life to community life, and invites the questioning of where one really belongs vs. what roles we’re coerced into.

„We often find ourselves questioning our own patterns of behavior, so it´s no coincidence these topics find their way into our music, but also define how we approach music in general, always trying to question how we do things“

says LLUCID. MADANII & LLUCID’s ability to open up and do so out loud, with a blend of Iranian elements, beautiful melodies, and completely catching production invites and inspires their listeners to be brave, and to do the same.

“IILLEGAL ALLIIEN” including the single “Wvterwine” is out now and can be downloaded and streamed here:




MADANII & LLUCID is a newcomer, self-described, “future-pop” duo.

As the daughter of Iranian refugees in Germany, MADANII explores feelings of otherness in her lyrics. Together with her partner in crime, LLUCID, she blends traditional Iranian instruments like ney, santur and kamanche with futuristic synth hooks and a booming bass with middle-eastern percussion all while Iranian melodies shimmer through her singing style. This display of ambiguity in times when a prevalent fear in societies of the ‘unknown other’ is undoubtedly on the rise serves almost as a deliberate provocation. Rather than deferring to simple black and white thinking, MADANII & LLUCID are embracing the paradox and reclaiming their otherness.

Mystical or urban, pop or underground, sex club or vernissage, dramatic or exuberant – MADANII & LLUCID are all of these things at the same time, refusing any form of pigeonholing.