New release: Shelter Boy releases his new EP “Rock’nRoll saved my childhood (lel)”

ZG500: “Rock’n’Roll saved my Childhood (lel)” shows the rapid development & the motivation of Shelter Boy, without seeming hasty. With “Let em Go” and “Use Me,” the versatility of the EP has already been hinted at, about the name of the EP he says himself: “On the one hand it’s somehow true, because the music of Dylan, the Beatles and so on actually somehow got me through my teenage years. I grew up in a very provincial corner of Saxony where most people are interested in cars, fitness or other things. I just listened to music and started making music. On the other hand the whole thing is not 100% serious. I just thought it was funny to make something important, like the title of a record null and void it with our language today. No more, no less, maybe I’ll get angry about it some day, who knows.”

While there’s no overarching theme of the EP, it serves much more as a snapshot of Shelter Boy’s current situation. But what is noticeable when listening is that the record has taken on more hip-hop influences. You feel that the songs have become much more concrete to previous work and how Shelly has defined his style even more precisely.

Stream and listen to the EP here: