New release: LUI HILL covers youth heroes

Filter Records: LUI HILL starts into the new year with his very own version of an iconic 90’s track from childhood hero, ‘Nirvana.’ LUI’s “Heart Shaped Box” strikes the perfect balance between conveying the classic nostalgic elements of the original, and incorporating his own distinct style of moody but clear style of production. The track starts with a phone recording of a sound check recorded while on tour after LUI and his band began jamming to “Heart Shaped Box”. The song and production came all with in a day, seeming to put itself together completely naturally.

LUI HILL himself tells us: “My band and I jammed this song on stage a year ago, played it over the festival season and into our last autumn tour. It was a dream for a long time to cover a song from my youth heroes.”⠀

“Heart Shaped Box” is out now and can be streamed and downloaded here:



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Artwork by Simon Hegenberg.