New release: MADANII & L:LUCID with ‘Bia’

Filter Records: MADANII & LLUCID come back with a new single, ‘BIA’ after their recent release of ‘Say Something’ in October and the release of ‘Sober’ in September.

The duo stays true to their signature mix of 90s inspired RnB beats and modern production, this time offering a new perspective on a classic Persian folk song. This collision of worlds creates a captivating and yet nostalgic sound.

Since September, MADANII & LLUCID have been off to a running start. The future pop-duo has been placed in Spotify’s Butter playlist, received a raving premiere for ‘Sober’ in Germany’s Kaltblut Magazine, and was published in UK’s MrSuicideSheep YouTube channel with over 11 mio subscribers. ‘Say Something’ was picked up in several New Music Friday’s as their monthly listeners continue to increase with each single.

You can stream and download ‘Bia’ here:



MADANII & L:LUCID is a newcomer, self-described, “future-pop” duo.

As the daughter of Iranian refugees in Germany, MADANII explores feelings of otherness in her lyrics. Together with her partner in crime, L:LUCID, she blends traditional Iranian instruments like ney, santur and kamanche with futuristic synth hooks and a booming bass with middle-eastern percussion all while Iranian melodies shimmer through her singing style. This display of ambiguity in times when a prevalent fear in societies of the ‘unknown other’ is undoubtedly on the rise serves almost as a deliberate provocation. Rather than deferring to simple black and white thinking, MADANII & L:LUCID are embracing the paradox and reclaiming their otherness.

Mystical or urban, pop or underground, sex club or vernissage, dramatic or exuberant – MADANII & L:LUCID are all of these things at the same time, refusing any form of pigeonholing.