New release: CLÄNG releases debut single ‘Magnet’

Sugar: We’re happy to present CLÄNG to you, our second signing on the pop label Sugar. The first single of the german pop trio talks about a phenomenon that everyone knows: Two people really like each other, yet they somehow can not make it happen to be with each other. Although the track captures a tragic topic, CLÄNG will still make you dance and feel that you’re not alone!⠀⠀⠀

You can download and stream the new debut single ‘Magnet’ here:


About CLÄNG:

CLÄNG are Angela Peltner, Lars Hengmith and Christian Hering. They are best friends, live together in a flat share in Berlin and true musicians since their early childhood. They come from different parts of the country but are linked by the same values and driven by the same topics: Friendship and love, seperation and reunion, estrangements and fresh starts. They are german pop and inspired by big names such as Coldplay, Mark Forster, Joris or Sarah Conner but always find their own niche and are influenced by experimental sounds. We are looking forward to their debut album, which is expected in 2020.

Press Picture by Philipp Christopher.