New release: MADANII & L:LUCID with ‘Say Something’

Filter Records: After their successful debut single ‘Sober’, which received a raving premiere from Germany’s Kaltblut Magazine, being published on UK’s MrSuicideSheep and over 100.000 plays on Spotify within one month alone, MADANII & L:LUCID follow up with their new single ‘Say Something’.

In their newest track the future-pop newcomer duo talks about the state of vulnerability:

“Sometimes opening up can be especially difficult for someone who tends to be introverted or more cautious”

explains singer, Dena.

The melodic, RnB beat features humming vocals reminiscent of 90’s classics like Aaliyah or Mya- but pushed into modernity with production leaning towards FKA Twigs or Sampha.

“The idea was to keep ‘Say Something’ really simplistic; we wanted to build a structure of sound that can be easily understood- creating a space where everything else can breath and shine through”

explains L:LUCID, the important other half of MADANII & L:LUCID.

While simple, ‘Say Something’ is anything but bland. The track starts with a flute element, coming in almost as a warning siren before dropping into a confident RnB beat. Dena’s voice guides the elements, at moments strong and consistent, at others beautifully exposed, willing to break. Hints of percussive elements can be heard throughout the track, while a long reverb fills in gaps; however the flute and vocals are what really pop out in this song.

We’d like to thank our friends from Bedroomdisco for premiering the corresponding musicvideo. You can find the full premiere (in german) here:

After ‘Say Something,’ MADANII & L:LUCID will continue releasing tracks from their debut EP until its complete release due in February 2020. ‘Say Something’ is out now and can be downloaded and streamed here:




MADANII & L:LUCID is a newcomer, self-described, “future-pop” duo.

As the daughter of Iranian refugees in Germany, MADANII explores feelings of otherness in her lyrics. Together with her partner in crime, L:LUCID, she blends traditional Iranian instruments like ney, santur and kamanche with futuristic synth hooks and a booming bass with middle-eastern percussion all while Iranian melodies shimmer through her singing style. This display of ambiguity in times when a prevalent fear in societies of the ‘unknown other’ is undoubtedly on the rise serves almost as a deliberate provocation. Rather than deferring to simple black and white thinking, MADANII & L:LUCID are embracing the paradox and reclaiming their otherness.

Mystical or urban, pop or underground, sex club or vernissage, dramatic or exuberant – MADANII & L:LUCID are all of these things at the same time, refusing any form of pigeonholing.

Press pictures were taken by: Justin R. T. Smith