Interview of the month: Sultans Court meet LUI HILL

What happens, when musicians have to interview each other? Well, they talk about song writing, their experiences with fans and whether albums or playlists are better. Sultans Court had the opportunity to interview LUI HILL and ask him those questions. Let’s go:

How do you start? How do you come up with something new? Do you think of a concept first or are you just starting without anything in mind?

I try not to follow a certain pattern, or let’s say I’m forcing my self to break my patterns of how I would usually start the writing process. Even if it’s just on which instrument to start a song. Drum-kit, piano, field-recording or a sample. I lately get inspired a lot by talking to people about this process in general or reading books, listen to podcasts about this topic. I heavily recommend Jamie Lidell’s podcast “hanging with the audiophiles”. 

What is your biggest enemy when writing music? Who do you call to ask for advice?

Too many options on then plate, My phone or general distraction, perfection and expectations limit me the most are usually my enemies. I believe that creativity can be triggered much easier when your mind has to work around obstacles or you just have limited tools to express yourself. I’m usually talking to friends and other creative people, producers etc. to hear how they are working.

Did you have a fan moment, you already know you will never forget?

I talked to a fan who told me that my music helped him to get out of a very dark place he was stuck in. I think this is the most amazing thing music can turn into. I will never forget this.

Do you prefer the individual track or oeuvre? How important are concepts nowadays?

I love the experience of an album as a listener. I’m an album guy and not really playlist person;) But to be honest it’s freeing to work on a song, maybe finishing it within one or two weeks and release the song right after it. You don’t have to wait one or two years until all that music you’ve written back then is finally released on an album. So the single-business that the algorithms are kind of asking for also have something positive to me as songwriter. But to be honest in the 60s 7 inch single they where en vogue and helped the music-industry back then with number of sales. Concepts, hmmm I think don’t believe in concepts too much.

If you look at all aspects of releasing music, what do you hate most and what do you love most, apart from writing music?

Touring and playing in-front of people getting an immediate feedback on your music is something that is very important to me. This oftentimes rearsures me the most that all this work behind closed studio doors and was worth doing.

What is the concept behind your live show? For example you are drumming while standing, which is quite unusual, only Jack Garrett and Bela B come to our mind. Is there something you want to change in the future?

Yes to me this is quite usual but when people see us the first time they usually love the fact that we all are working hard on our instruments to produce the sound. So if that is a concept to have huge impact as a trio on the sound that we create then I would say this is our concept. Personally I love that fact that I have the ability to lead dynamics while performing a song. I can play harder or softer when ever I feel it or need it for my performance as a singer.