New label: SUGAR

We’re happy to announce our new pop label called SUGAR. This step completes another “strategic step in our planning for the coming years” – says Tobias Herder, co-founder of Filter Music Group.

“We have been working hard on our structures over the last few years to make them viable. Now that they are, we are filling these structures with life and music, and we are broadening our range with different labels for different genres”. – says Jorin Zschiesche, who is not only co-founder of Filter Music Group, but also founder of the digital distributor RecordJet.

In the pop genre, there are too few alternatives to the majors – “who don’t necessarily always have to be the first choice. We want to make our contribution here and offer an alternative.” – says Herder. However, it is important to the two founders to add at this point that they do not see themselves as competitors here, but rather as a complement to other needs.

The first sign is the artist Jon Hyatt. The young artist unites everything that the label stands for: “High-quality pop music, cosmopolitanism and a genome suitable for the masses can cross borders” – says Zschiesche. The first single will be released on November 1, 2019.

SUGAR, like Filter Music Group’s existing sublabel Filter Records, will from now on be headquartered in Torstraße in Berlin Mitte, from where it will manage its business. A team of experienced product managers will take care of the upcoming releases. As always, Zschiesche and Herder will take care of the label management themselves, as well as the A&Ring.

The label is distributed by RecordJet. Both companies sit together in the same office in order to ensure the shortest possible distances and a jointly agreed strategy “from getting to know an artist to his releases”.