New release: LORENS debut single ‘Close’ is out now!

One week after Nürnberg Pop Festival, singer and producer LORENS finally releases her debut single ‘Close’!

“There are experiences in life or connections made where one never feels really, like they were able to gain a grasp. It floats by, and in a moment absorbs every cell of a person- but actually never settles in to stay. One is both overcome by something foreign, while missing something they never truly had” explains the singer and producer LORENS,

contrary to what the listener might expect from the title of LORENS debut single. Talking about her sound, one might say her dark-pop melody feels as if it carefully steps closer with drawn out tones, and choir like background hymns supporting her initial whisper of a voice. The beat is soft but daunting, as if a tip toe into something irresistible, but dangerous.

Born in Belgrade in the 90’s, the newcomer has become a ‘by-choice-Berliner’:

 “I wrote ‘Close’ when I was on my way from Belgrade, moving to Berlin. I had said goodbye to my ex-boyfriend, and bye to a rather toxic relationship. I had barely sat in a taxi before the lyrics just started to flow out of me.”

Once settled in Berlin, LORENS sat down with co-producer Frank Slimm and produced the song within two hours.

In her accompanying video for ‘Close,’ LORENS takes her viewer moment by moment through the push and pull of a relationship – as she’s filmed playfully roaming the city of Belgrade, alternating between moments of intimacy and grabbing her viewer close, before becoming shy and abruptly pushing them away. If an ambivalent relationship was the topic for LORENS, Belgrade was for her the perfect place to film – rough, raw but very alluring. All this was captured with a Super 8 camera.

‘Close’ is the first single of an upcoming debut EP from LORENS, expected early 2020, and the start of a journey as captivating, multi-dimensional, and enticing as indeed she her self is. The single is out now and can be downloaded and streamed here:


Find LORENS here:

Press picture was taken by: Vedrana Vukojevic