New release: Big news from Winterkind

Phaser: Today marks a very special day for Winterkind. We’re not just celebrating a new release. But we’re also celebrating some very special news, Winterkind 2.0 so to speak. 😉 The Project is growing, and so Winterkind Mirko becomes Winterkind Mirko and Chris. Bringing his longtime colleague and friend into the project was a logical step for the further development of Winterkind:

“Chris produced a remix of „Let It Go feat. Michael Lane“ for the EP. During this time, we found that we are very similar humanely and musically, yet completely different in a way. After my next song would have never seen the light of day without Chris influence, I knew, from this point on Winterkind will be the two of us”

explains Mirko regarding the change. And Chris adds:

“Since Mirko and I share a similar understanding of music, but clearly differentiate in the nuances, we have created a synergy effect from which our sound and output can benefit enormously. 20 years ago I started out as a DJ, which I still am. The desire to be on stage and perform will also influence Winterkind.”

‘I.O.U.’ is the first official release of Winterkind as a duo and remixes the LUI HILL single ‘I Owe You’.

You can stream and download ‘I.O.U.’  here: and as always, let us know what you think!



About Winterkind:

Winterkind, behind that name stands a mixed bag of pop sound, characterized by modern deephouse, 90s boom bap and 80s synthwave. Within summery, upbeat or melancholic, playful songs, Winterkind music invites you to find and lose yourself over and over again. You’ll find those snapshots in songs like “Let it Go feat. Michael Lane” or in the remix of “No Hope” for Kafka Tamura. With a total of nearly 7 million plays, just on spotify, Winterkind music is well received nationally and internationally.

Press picture by Stefan Albers