Artist of the month: Shelter Boy

When he started, Shelter Boy was often called the German Mac DeMarco but he soon developed his very own distinct style and blends dreamy guitar sounds with raw King Krule style vocals. The result can be classified somewhere between indie-rock and dream-pop. Shelter Boy tries to find himself in the turmoil that is his music and his life. Long days and even longer nights inspire his songs, which he writes and demos at home in his apartment. In 2019 Shelter Boy has performed at several big festivals in Germany (Artlake, Immergut, Rocken Am Brocken, …) and has opened for Gus Dapperton, Yakob Ogawa and Omar Apollo.

We asked him a few questions about his new single “Let ’em Go”

Shelter Boy – you released a new song – how does it feel?

Relatively sober, if I am honest. You already know the song incredibly long and you listen to it again and again until the mix or the master fits. It’s still pleasant when the song is finally out.

Your video was shot in LA. What is your relation to it?

This city plays a special role in every music style I consume myself. Whether it was the Beach Boys when they recorded Pet Sounds or Kendrick Lamar. LA seems to me like a huge creative melting pot, which of course is also made of plastic in many places. If you understand that all this may not be reality, you can use this environment as unbelievable input.

What is the song about?

The song seems very easy and layed back, but has a deeper meaning lyrically. It’s all about inner conflict and loneliness. The introduction “24 deadly days drawn into your face…” actually describes the section of a depression. The hook is about the fact that the other person will never penetrate into the emotional world of the other person and therefore should leave it easy to deal with it.

If you have to create a playlist with 5 songs – with yours on it – what other songs would be on it?

If You See Her, Say Hello – Bob Dylan
The Harrowing Adventures Of You And I – Tokyo Police Club
Can We Still Be Friends – Tyler the Creator
All I Wanna Do – The Beach Boys

Which is your favourite interpreter and why?

Right now I hear a lot of Bruce Springsteen somehow. I mean, of course it’s all such exaggerated big stadium rock music, but somehow it still gives me something. It creates in my head a picture of America that doesn’t exist and probably never existed. When I listen to I´m on Fire, it sounds like the sun is setting 24/7 and you go to a drive-in cinema with your partner and I like that, really kitschy.

What do you plan next?

I’ll have a pizza and then I try to record something new.

Thanks a lot Shelter Boy!