New release: FYE & FENNEK new single ‘Animal’ is out now!

“Accept the world
Except the world
Respect the world
You´re such an animal


Back to the 80s with the push of a button. The new FYE & FENNEK track is all about playful synth-sounds, drums that sound like original from the 808 and an avalanche of screeching sprechgesang – but reworked with refreshing modernity and self-evidence. The former electro-duo continues to go into the fluffy clouds of bubble-electro-pop; but not without scratchily and bitingly breaking out again and again.

With ‘Animal’, FYE & FENNEK create a kind of super-ego that can’t be impressed by anything and declares itself the measure of all things by which others have to orient themselves.

“Man stages himself as a work of art,” says FYE and continues: “Just as the boundaries between identities become blurred, so they become in language.”

The logical consequence is that the Berlin duo mixes English and German: ‘My smile’s a tausend million dollar wert’. ‘Animal’ is the next release of the electro duo FYE & FENNEK, who seem to take a completely new and unpredictable path. With their previous single ‘Better Lover’ they not only tried out new sounds, they also caused a stir in the indie electro scene. Now beware of the ‘Animal’.

You can stream & download ‘Animal’ here:

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Cover Artwork by Ina Gerken

Press Picture by Simon Hegenberg