New release: MADANII & L:LUCID release first single ‘Sober’

After recently being signed to Filter Records, future-pop duo MADANII & L:LUCID releases their first single called ‘Sober’.
But what is the song about?
“Sometimes one can be so driven for their passion that they find themselves feeling completely lost, and at some point, broken. They push on however, glorifying this sort of self-destruction from excess because they justify that it’s for something they love”
the duo explains. The band itself explores exactly this, inspired by their own experience pursuing their art and making music. The track intros with a sample from an Iranian folk-song, and elegantly transitions from traditional instruments like santur into modern synth hooks and a booming bass. One can hear the pull between desperately needing to regain balance, and yet willingly being consumed by a pursuit.
‘Sober’ is the first track of an EP soon to come from MADANII & L:LUCID.
You can stream & download the single here:
Creating catchy tunes deliberately floating between worlds… Who decides what’s ‘normal’? And what if you’ll never fit into that said ‘norm’ no matter how hard you try? That feeling of otherness is one all too familiar to Dena Madani who was born the daughter of Iranian refugees in Germany. Her thoughtful lyrics explore this, describing self doubt hiding below the surface (HOLES), or razors cutting away the dark and unwanted hair on arms and eyebrows so as to not stand out amongst her peers (MVNIA). Together with producer and partner-in-crime L:LUCID, she blends traditional Iranian instruments like ney, santur and kamanche with futuristic synth hooks and a booming bass with Middle Eastern percussion all while Iranian melodies shimmer through her style of singing.
Press picture by Colin Audette.