New release: Sultans Court release Debut-EP ‘FROM AFAR’ and third single ‘DISEMBODIED’

After releasing their first singles ‚Haunted‘, ‚No Man’s Land‘ and ‚Shutdown‘, Berlin Indie Electronic Newcomer Sultans Court continue issuing the phenomena of their generation as digital natives in their newest release ‚Disembodied‘ and much awaited debut EP ‚From Afar‘. What significance do our bodies still have in today’s digital society? This is the question posed by the new track ‚Disembodied‘.

„’Disembodied’ thematizes the relationship between body and identity and the possibilities but also the problems that an anonymous identity completely detached from reality can bring with it. The protagonist of the song moves through the Internet with a multitude of pseudonyms, completely detached from any responsibility and consequences of his actions,” says Julius. “At the same time, however, he also loses himself in these multiple personalities. Being anonymous also means a certain invisibility and the impossibility of recognition,” adds guitarist and producer Konstantin Hennecke.

Sultans Court have found a sound that is dark and driving. Somewhere between indie, electro and hip-hop,the four-piece band combines catchiness with drama and continues what they themselves call “Melancholy Disco”. In this disco heading for the maximally allowed decibel value on this dance floor is preprogrammed.

“Sultans Court could become the next big thing from Berlin”, radioeins announces the band before an interview – we most definitely agree.

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About Sultans Court:

Sultans Court are Julius Klaus (singer / producer), Konstantin Hennecke (guitar / producer), Leander Kohn (drums) and Markus Hartung (keys). The band moves nonchalantly between supposed opposites. Analogue and electronic sounds create dark motives, while the energetic groove of driving percussion implies a danceable lightness. With the release of their EP ‘From Afar’ and the accompanying pre-releases ‘Haunted’, ‘No Man’s Land’, ‘Shutdown’ and ‘Disembodied’, the band has made it clear that it is time to rethink music.