New release: LUI HILL releases new single ‘Blame It On Me’

Shortly after releasing ‘I Owe You‘, Neo-Soul musician LUI HILL is back with more. In his latest single he explores the space between disillusionment and hope and echoes the emotional reeling in the ‘in between’.
With an upbeat melody, and lyrics that are carried lightly along by a voice that reaches just a bit higher than the artist typically climbs, the song makes you want to dance in the summer sunset- even if that dance is to the beat of a relationship gone all wrong.

Stream or download the single here:



Releasing his debut self-titled album in 2018, LUI HILL proved that soul and syths belong together. The studied jazz drummer established a strong place in the indie world with his first release, ‘5000 Miles.’ The follow-up single, ‘Revolver,’ achieved over 1 million streams on Spotify, similar to ‘5000 Miles’ on Apple Music. LUI HILL was on tour throughout Europe in October 2018 and managed thereafter to gain a foothold in the South

Press Pic Credit: Simon Hegenberg