Fye & Fennek release new single ‘Better Lover’

It’s been a while since the electro-pop duo, FYE & FENNEK, has spent any time together in the studio. However, the two haven’t just let this break of sorts pass by without making use of creative impulses, which is evident in their new single, ‘Better Lover,’ due to release July 12th.

‘Better Lover’ is a homage to the 80’s and at the same time, a reflection of transformation from that decade into today’s times,” says producer FENNEK. “FYE and I had been listening to a lot of 80’s music; we both came into the studio with the idea of combining those typical synth sounds with modern electro-pop.”

The end result mimics something like those big bubble gum ball machines: Insert coin, flip switch- and everything seems to turn around. The bubble gum clinks together, gets into a spin and finally slides and slides until they plop out of the machine.

There may be no actual gumball machine, but the sentiment is not lost with synth sounds ‘plopping’ out a loud and repetitive vocal that clacks against low-fi sounds. This element of push and pull reflects the oldest of all games: the game between the sexes. “The song is a dialogue between a strong woman, and a man who are trying to find a way to come together on equal footing. The man is somewhat hesitant of the woman’s strength and a little unsure,” FYE describes, who shares the vocal performance with producer FENNEK.

The theme of the video for ‘Better Lover’ similarly echoes this upbeat pursuit. “Dating sites in the 80s is what Tinder is today. The format has changed, but the idea is the same- endless searching for the “better lover” explains FYE. FENNEK adds, “The message is simple: stop searching for the next best thing and allow yourself to be vulnerable.”

In the delightfully trashy and boldly colorful video, one ‘better lover’ is exchanged with the next, but each is peculiar in his own way. While the dating camera is rolling, FYE follows a confused but optimistic FENNEK in the old Opel Rekord- suspecting that FENNEK is actually the very best of the ‘best lovers.’

With their new single, FYE & FENNEK seem to resolve every question that has lingered in electro-pop so far. They play wild, without reservation and with diverse influences that distort their signature sound and prepare an entrance into the world of bubble-pop. Only they know where their journey is leading, however will probably be even surprised themselves with where they end up.


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