Sultans Court release their first single ‘Haunted’

Berlin band Sultans Court have just released their first single ‘Haunted’, so let us sit down for a while and artistically consider the theme ‘Toxic Masculinity’. “Even as a little boy, you’ll be persuaded on all sides that being male means that man does not show his feelings. And certain films on big screens convince us that a “no” also means “yes”. That people of all sexes treat each other respectfully and their respective accepting boundaries should be a matter of course. Unfortunately, this is not obvious “, says singer Julius Klaus. “After more and more stories had been told in my close circle of friends, sexual harassment came to the surface, I was directly confronted with the subject. This is everyday life for most women, but as a white
male you don’t notice anything like that – until you ask.”

‘Haunted’ is about being in the mercy of a situation. “Pressure, isolation or harassment of any kind can be an example for such a situation”, adds guitarist Konstantin Hennecke. What was created on the auditory level in terms of interpretation space, is made visible on the visual level in the video: The video to ‘Haunted’ shows a male protagonist, who, dressed as a woman, is exposed to cat calling and harassment and in his desperation seeking refuge in a church, unaware that he is entering into a circle of men who are celebrating masculinity and symbolizing toxic masculinity. It begins a perfidies exorcistic game that the protagonist cannot escape.

“The idea for the video came up when Laurean, who later became the leading actor of the music video, told me of hostilities he experienced as drag,” Julius tells. “We had also felt for some time that we should add something to the ongoing debate.”, says Konstantin. So ‘Haunted’ is a documentation of current events? “Unfortunately, yes” the answer is.

The song ‘Haunted’ sounds accordingly heavy and dark. With their first single, the Berlin indie band presents a piece that comes up with a concentrated catchiness. The mantra-like singing draws the listener into the dark atmosphere of the track, only to arouse them by its energetic chorus. With their debut single ‘Haunted’ Sultans Court are making clear about what it is all about: Machine music production is supported by emotional guitar melodies brought to life. Synthetic sound collages and an intimate voice create a dark suspense, which finally turns into a throbbing beat with heavy bass discharged. Influences of James Blake, Ben Khan or Alt-J can be guessed.

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About Sultans Court
Sultans Court are Julius Klaus (singer / producer), Konstantin Hennecke (guitar / producer), Leander Kohn (drums) and Markus Hartung (keys). The band moves nonchalantly between supposed opposites. Analogue and electronic sounds create dark motifs, while the energetic groove of driving percussions implies a danceable lightness.