FYE & FENNEK release their single “Sadelite”

At what point can you say you deeply know a loved one? FYE & FENNEK ask themselves this in their new single, ‘Sadelite.’ The track describes a couple in love, where the woman describes how her partner constantly slips into different roles to conceal his true character, attempting to avoid feelings of inadequacy. The song’s title, ‘Sadelite’ is a pun on the word satellite- describing an artificial, somehow celestial item surrounded completely by the opposing forces of sadness and light. A set up of some sort of sad cosmos. As so often with FYE & FENNEK, the song reflects true stories and people from FYE’s life whom she introduces by weaving into her lyrics. FYE’s voice almost sounds like rap in the stanzas, work in tempi, and head to the hooks with sudden pop-inspired highs. FENNEK’s playful guitar equally dictates between the beat and loop.

The video for ‘Sadelite’ was created in analogue style, consisting of approximately 2,500 individual, hand-painted illustrations, played one after another as a stop-motion movie. This music video masterpiece was created by FYE’s friend, Alexandra Siebert. For years, Alex, FYE and a few other friends have been travelling the world, mostly sleeping in a car directly by the sea and jointly being creative, bounded by the passion for art in all its facettes, whether music, photography, design or poetry. Thus, Alexandra had previously shot the first band photos of FYE & FENNEK and designed the single covers for their tracks ‘Focus’ and ‘Shelter.’ Btw. the new video for ‘Sadelite’ is the core part of Alexandra’s master thesis in communication design. Congratulations on your graduation!

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