LUI HILL releases single “Rusty Strings” featuring Khofhi The King

Fate, coincidence, a larger purpose – there are situations that transcend the human horizon of understanding. Because man is as he is, he seeks words to explain these moments to himself. That there are no words for some encounters and that speechlessness can be one of the most beautiful and moving states is something that LUI HILL and Khofhi The King experienced at the beginning of 2018.

Neo-soul musician LUI HILL was once again in Cape Town on the road – the first songs were released, the debut album almost recorded – when he runs past this street musician. That this street musician was Khofhi The King, who sang for LUI HILL on his single ‘5000 Miles’– was a coincidence that felt too unlikely to be true. And yet, after only a few exchanged words, Lui realized who Khofhi was – the two musicians had actually known each other indirectly for months.

LUI HILL sums it up: “When I recorded ‘5000 Miles’ in Cape Town, I caught a lot of everyday moments with my field recorder. One of those moments was when a group of street musicians voiced a chorus. This sound was so impressive that I sampled it as an intro for the song. A year later I went through Cape Town again and recognized a voice that seemed so familiar to me. This voice belonged to Khofhi The King, one of the choir singers on this track. The fact that we met again was simply unbelievable.”

LUI HILL and Khofhi The King decided to crown this extraordinary moment and make music together. The result is the single ‘Rusty Strings’ (click here) – a song that combines North American funk with rough township rap. A song that builds a bridge between two worlds and a song that marks the beginning of a profound friendship. “We are blessed. LUI and I did not search for each other but a higher power brought us together. Music is what connects people all over the world and music is what brought me to this wonderful man,” Says Khofhi.

The song ‘Rusty Strings’ is a testimony to this “higher power.” Khofhi The King – street musician from one of Cape Town’s poorest neighborhoods – meets LUI HILL with his unusual rap – an international artist who sees South Africa as a source of inspiration, even almost as a home. Is that coincidence? Or fate? Is there a higher power that has led the two to each other? No matter what words we use, in the end it’s about the moment, captured in an extraordinary song.

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