JON AND ROY release their new single “Here”

In advance to their new album ‘Here’, which will come out on March 1st,  the Canadian singer/songwriters JON AND ROY release their same-titled single – an aural balm for the cold season!

This is a song about appreciating the world we live in and recognizing those moments in which we feel an intimate and fulfilling connection with it. I think it’s true that some of the time we all feel a little alien to this place we inhabit. That being said, there are always those times where we are brought back to the reality and beauty of our world. I think in these moments we feel happy because we are able to experience life as it is; a wondrous thing.“ says Jon, the singer and guitarist of the band.

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“Sometimes when I roam
I see something, out in the foam
That gets me into the zone
Where I’m knowing that, everything’s on
Where I want to, know the ground here And I want to, know the sky
Where I got to, go in all clear
So I’ll flow like, glittering rye

Staring into the dark, I know I am needing a spark
To fly right out of the park, and sing high like skylarks
And we’re going over mountains
And we’re rolling on like a train
And we’re knowing that there’s a fountain
That we’ll drink from over again

And you know your eyes get me here
As do the skies in this sphere
We’re going to reach the plateau here
Everything black will appear clear

Oh, we are at home, I said I know
We are at home
Oh, we are at home, I said I know
We are at home“


Europe Tour

15/03: London (UK)|Nell’s Blues and Jazz Café – Tickets
16/03: Hamburg (DE)|Nochtspeicher – Tickets
17/03: Frankfurt (DE)|Elfer Club – Tickets
18/03: Nuremberg (DE)|Club Stereo – Tickets
19/03: Cologne (DE)|Studio 672 – Tickets
21/03: Amsterdam (NL)|Bitterzoet – Tickets
22/03: Arnhem (NL)|Luxor Live – Tickets
23/03: Berlin (DE)|Lido – Tickets
24/03: Regensburg (DE)|Degginger – Tickets
25/03: Milan (IT)|Ohibo – Tickets
26/03: Zurich (CH)|Papiersaal – Tickets
27/03: Stuttgart (DE)|Club Cann – Tickets
28/03: Munich (DE)|Strom – Tickets
29/03: Vienna (AT)|Flex Café – Tickets

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