Harder, louder, faster. LARA SNOW presents second single “I LIKE SNOW”+++

No, she is not appearing in the current season of „Game of Thrones“ and she is not from Scandinavia (although everyone assumes this). To be strictly accurate, LARA SNOW is not even a person, but two: Valery Sherman and Jonathan Harpak. Both are from Tel Aviv, capital of street cats and Israel’s unchallenged creative center. „We are a team“, they claim. If they weren’t a band, they would presumably be a gang lurking around street corners, snapping their fingers.

LARA SNOW is an artist of the extreme. Their music plays with various elements. Valery loves the North: Snow and Ice, large rivers and the cold climate – the severity and purity of those areas. The climate is also reflected in their music. LARA SNOW is speaking about “frozen melodies” when describing their sound and when thinking of their musical idols like The Knife, New Order, Grimes, M83, Depeche Mode, FKA Twigs, Die Antwoord, SBTRKT or Radiohead. LARA SNOW’s melodies might be frozen, but under the layer of ice there is simmering lava, which can breaking through at any time.

Just three Years ago Jonathan played in a punk band named „Useless ID“ touring through Europe, Japan and the USA, amongst others as support act of the German rock band „Die Toten Hosen“. But then he got to know Valery. The ex-punk girl just discovered elctronic music for herself, gave him some drum pads and told him of her dream, in that she had snowflakes instead of eyes. She said that LARA SNOW would be a perfect band name – a band they had to start immediately.

No sooner sait than done. What followed were some self-released songs in Israel, features in some international magazines, comparing them to „Grimes“ and „Die Antwoord“, playlists in radios as 88FM or the biggest Israeli radio station Galgalaz and the integration of one of their songs into “The Future Sound Of Israel 2015” by BPM. Furthermore, they played diverse international festivals – amongst them Tune In Tel Aviv, Yearot Menashe, Haifa 100 Live as well as two of the biggest showcase festivals in North America, the CMJ New York and the Canadian Music Week – and booked their own club tour with over 30 dates in Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, France and Germany, due to they got to know their label Filter Music Group.

Their first official single „Sometimes It’s Enough“ came out in August, now they follow up with “I Like Snow” and bring it to another level.

Harder, louder, faster – this is what “I Like Snow” is like. The single is playing with different elements just like all of their songs. But “I LIKE SNOW” is not melting icbergs but lets them exploding. The Song is about anger. It’s about being angry at the world and losing trust in people. Valery explains: “As the second phase of grief, I’ve always believed that anger can be the most powerful and most devastating one, it controls you and blurs your thoughts. Mark Twain once wrote that “Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel in which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured” and so it was for me, I was angry for a long time but when I wrote “I Like Snow” the words just slipped through me and I had no set backs or lack of muse, it was just all there in a few minutes, I think that the process of letting go of this anger has healed me and allowed me to move on to the next phase.”

LARA SNOW is again transforming bad experiences and anger into energy or rather into an powerful and energetic song. Valery is almost shouting out her anger using sharp brain-melt rave-rap parts in the style of “Die Antwoord”. Her demanding and expressive voice is combined with insistent, absorbing and powerful synthesizers and a sharp heavy bassline. All these elements are creating the edgy and unique sound LARA SNOW is standing for. The young producer Safra is giving the song the final and almost explosive touch.

LARA SNOW’s single „I Like Snow “ is available in all digital stores since 14th of October:

iTunes • Amazon • GooglePlay • Spotify


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Before going on their first Headline-Tour through Germany in December LARA SNOW can be seen supporting KYTES on the following dates:

October 4 – Leipzig – Täubchenthal

October 5 – Dresden – GrooveStation Dresden

October 15 – Bremen – Tower Musikclub

October 16 – Düsseldorf – FFT Düsseldorf

October 17 – Köln – Blue Shell

October 27 – Regensburg – Heimat Regensburg

October 28 – München – Muffatwerk (Muffathalle)

October 30 – Passau – Jugendzentrum Zeughaus Passau

Additionally, they will be also playing the biggest Israeli showcase festival, the International Music Showcase IL, in November.


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